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Adventures of Costa Rica

When you visit Costa Rica, you could stay in one of best resorts , enjoy their buffets, and return home with hangover. Or you could enjoy the rush of wild rain forest to beautiful beaches, visit all adventurous places and meet friendly Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica is a amazing combination of rich Latino culture and breathtaking natural beauty. Costa Rica is blessed with its natural heritage like its colorful beaches , rich wildlife and its lively cities. Costa Rica is world’s first carbon neutral nation and its a best destination for adventure and peace. A beautiful part of Central America. You can try many costa rica adventure packages here. You can try :

  1. Rafting the Pacuare :

If you want kick of adrenalin and wants to feels the blood rushing through you body then Rafting the Pacuare river is a best option. Pacuare river will give you class 3 and 4 rapids, you can find class 5 also in some advance areas. These rapids will toss you over and over again. And if this is not enough, you will fins waterfalls that will pump your adrenalin like never before.

  1. Diving Cocos Island:

You will need to take one day trip to arrive at this island, some people like to go by submarine. But once you reach Cocos island, you can gear up and dive into frothing current. Cocos island is rich with beautiful marine life. You can have encounters with all sort of marine mammals and sharks.

  1. Hiking Chirripo :

To scale its 12,533 foot peak , it will take couple of days. But if you have stamina and will to climb this mountain ,then it should be a great experience. There are treks to guide throughout the journey. The trekking passes through different types of ecosystems , like cloud forest and paramo . Sightings of monkeys , Peccaries and beautiful tropical birds is very common there. But the main purpose of this hiking is the view from top. On a clear day , you can see both the coasts. The view will stun you

  1. Wind Surfing Lake Arenal :

It is a extreme adventure. During the months of November to April, winds pick up over the Arenal volcano and all windsurfers rush towards lake. These wings are nominated as one of the strongest winds in the world. You need good experience in wind surfing before you get down with Arenal lake.

  1. Ocean Safari :

Osa Peninsula is very famous for dolphins and its deep water beauty. In these waters, dolphins travels in Pods, sometimes 1000 dolphins at a time Dolphins can be encountered swimming very close to boat and jumping out of water and spinning many times in air. This can be experienced only in Costa Rica.

Experience a great holiday in Cyprus

Do you want to experience the beauty of forests, mountains and beaches together? Then, you should plan a tour of Cyprus with your family for the upcoming holiday. Cyprus is but an island that is well known for Aphrodite, goddess of the Greeks. This island is a great part of Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is situated in the southern part of Turkey. There are famous mountains like the Olympus, as well as beaches like Nissi, Porto Pomos etc. In this island, you can enjoy sunbathing at its beautiful beaches. Apart from that, you can experience skiing on various mountains of Cyprus in the frozen winter.

As Cyprus is a part of Mediterranean Sea, almost all days of the year experiences sunny weather. So, there is low chance of rainfall while you travel to different eye-catching sites of Cyprus. To make your tour amazing on this wonderland, you can also avail services from CyprusCabs. CyprusCabs is a great service that offers taxi for traveling to different parts of Cyprus. For full details on CyprusCabs, you can visit

Why do people like to tour Cyprus?

Cyprus is an excellent island where you can experience uncountable eye-catching sites. Besides some man-made stuff, you experience beauty in a lot of natural things in Cyprus. Every year, a huge number of people from all over the world come here for experiencing what Cyprus offers. Some attractive destinations of this island are mentioned below –

  • Beaches – Cyprus is popular for its some amazing beaches. All these beaches of Cyprus are not only very charming but also have very clean water. This allows for fun water sports too.
  • Hiking – Do you like hiking? Cyprus is an appropriate location for those persons who like hiking. In Cyprus, Trodos is a beautiful mountain range that is an appropriate place for hiking. There are excellent trees on the foothills of mountains. In the north-west part of Cyprus, a great peninsula named the Akamas is located. This region is also very famous because the sea can be viewed like dreamland from here. Apart from that, there are a large number of spots where you can have picnics.
  • Biking – You can also enjoy by riding bikes for traveling little distances and experience the aesthetic beauty of Cyprus very closely. In Cyprus, various routes used for biking are very well-designed and well-maintained.
  • Amazing sites – There are many amazing sites in Cyprus that attracts many tourists due to its history and ancient civilization. Theatres, baths, agoras, basilicas, tombs are some places that are part of these sites.


Some eye-catching sites in Cyprus

When you visit Cyprus then you must visit the following amazing places:-

  • Ayia Napa – It is in the south-eastern part of Cyprus. Nissi Beach is very famous here. It has water that is clear. This is why it is appropriate for tanning, bathing and playing sports.
  • Paphos – This part of Cyprus is famous for many heritage sites such as tombs, Ayios Neophytos Monastery, the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park etc. All these sites attract a huge number of travelers. An exclusive hotel named Elysium is also present here.
  • Limassol – This is the main trading center of Cyprus. Many landmarks are also present here.
  • Larnaca – This place is well-known for excellent fauna. Every year, more than seven thousand flamingos come here.
  • Nicosia – It is the capital city of Cyprus. This pollution-free city offers some excellent sites such as mosques, nightclubs, excellent museums, etc.


Cyprus is an excellent island where you can spend a holiday comfortably. CyprusCabs is a well-known service that provides taxis for making your tour amazing.



An Overview on Alicante Airport Transfers


Alicante is an immensely popular tourist destination in the Valencia Community of Spain. It is the 2nd largest Valencian city and a historic Mediterranean port.

There are lots of interesting things to see here and if you live in the Old Town then majority of the attractions will be within a walking distance. The top tourist attractions include Castle of Santa Barbara, Tabarca Island, Archaeological Museum of Alicante, castle of San Fernando &Gravina Museum of Fine Arts. However, the beaches are probably the main reason why you want to visit Alicante in the first place. The Postiguet Beach is located right in the heart of the city and is a popular place during the day and remains quite busy in the evening too.

Alicante cannot be described as a shopper’s paradise but there are numerous stalls along the Explanadad’Espanya which sells flags, clothes and breads. You can also visit the main market where you will get high quality cheese, fruits, seafood and fresh meat.

Alicante Airport

The Alicante Airport is one of the 5 busiest airports in Spain and is served by major carriers like Finnair, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Norwegian, Iberia, Germanwings etc. There are also regular flights to Algeria and Russia. There are bus and taxi services from the airport to the city center. A taxi ride would cost around EUR 25 and they are found at the arrival level of the brand new terminal.

Transfer to Benidorm

Alicante Airport is just an hour’s drive from Benidorm. You can take a cab or hop on a bus to travel to Benidorm from airport as there are many daily transfers between the two places. However, you should pick the easiest option —just book online from a reliable company and they will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to the hotel. The cost of an airport transfer from Alicante to Benidorm would be around EUR 65. If you take a shuttle service to Benidorm then you will need to pay around EUR 10 – 12 for the transfer. There is also a direct bus service that takes only 1 hour and the cost is EUR 8 pp.

Transfer to Altea

Altea is around 15 km from Benidorm and the nearest airport is the Alicante Airport. There is a public bus service right from the airport terminal to Benidorm which cost around EUR 8 and from here you can hail one of the cabs for your journey to Altea. But there is a quicker albeit expensive way to reach Altea from Alicante Airport. You can directly board a taxi but it would cost around EUR 80. It is important to note that Alsa Buses run airport transfer service right up to Altea. The journey time is around 1 h 30 min and the rates are EUR 9.45 pp.

Transfer to Calpe

There is a bus service to Calpe from Alicante Airport which takes around 90 – 120 minutes and the cost is EUR 8.10 per person. However, you need to change buses at Benidorm. The quicker option would be to take a taxi but is more expensive at EUR 90 approximately.

Transfer to Denia

There is no direct bus service to Denia and people are still hoping for the launch of an official direct bus service to Denia. You can take a bus that will reach Denia via Alicante Downtown Central Bus Station. The maximum journey time is 150 min and cost is EUR 10 per person. Taxi is very expensive at EUR 130 and it will take around 1 h 15 min to reach Denia from Alicante Airport. You can also opt for private shuttle service which will cost EUR 140 pp. If you have time in hand (min 5 hrs) then you can take a bus to Alicante downtown and from there you can hop on a train.

Transfer to Javea

There is a bus service from Alicante Airport to Javea, the duration of the journey is 4 hours including waiting time. There is a charge of EUR 13 per head. Transfer by taxi will take around 1 hr 15 min and likely cost would be EUR 120. The charge is very similar to private shuttle services but if you have a little bit of time in hand, then you can opt for a bus/train combo to Javea from Alicante Airport. It will take more than 5 hours to reach Javea by this route and cost is EUR 70 pp.

How to use your reverb pedal to make your holidays more enjoyable


Your reverb pedal can transform your sound. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Want to use it properly to achieve the sound you desire? Follow these steps.

1) Make sure your pedals are in the correct order. You don’t want your distortion pedal coming after your reverb pedal, or you will get a horrible sound that might make you jump out of the nearest window. The ideal place for you reverb pedal is at the end of your effects chain. This way, all of your other effects will be clear, and your reverb will expand your sound and give the impression that you are in a larger space than you really are

2) Put the cables in the right place. The cable coming from the guitar goes in the “In” jack. The cable to your amp goes in the “out” jack.

3) Plug it in This sounds obvious, but if you bought the floor model and the battery is now dead, you’ll need to buy an adapter and plug your pedal in

4) Adjust the knobs. Most reverb pedals come with at least three or four adjustable parameters. – Mix This control will adjust the mix so that you have either more effect or less effect combined with your dry signal. Lots of reverb can sound really cool when you are playing at home, but be careful not to add too much effect when you play with a group or you will drown your sound out and have trouble cutting through the mix. In the music biz this is known as sounding “muddy.”

Tone This is a basic EQ control. I usually keep this one right in the middle because I don’t like my tone to change when I flip on the reverb.

If you plan to use your reverb for leads, however, you might add some high-end to cut through the mix when you go for a solo.

Time Turn this one up to make it sound like you are in a larger space. Turn it down to make it sound like you are in a small space.

Reverb type Choose the style of reverb you want. This is usually a digitized version of popular analog reverb effects, like spring, hall, and plate reverb. Mess around with it a bit to find the exact sound you are looking for.Many new professional reverb pedals also have an option to combine reverb and delay. This gives you an extra dimension and really enhances the sense of being in a larger space.



In pursuit of the best spinning reel in the market, a number of spinning reels features must be put into consideration. First of all, there should be an increased holding capacity that will enable efficient maneuvers. There should also be a good throwing distance and the spinning should be at a high distance. These features will enable it to be efficient in terms of underneath fishing and trolling too.

The best spinning reel in the market is definitely the Pen Battle 2 spinning reel. This spinning reel contains a special feature known as Penn’s HT-100 versa drag washers which is very essential when it comes to usage of both sides of the spool. This feature goes a long way in ensuring that Battle 2 has a more range while operating, smoother startups and higher maxima drags. Its durability is credited to the fact that it is usually greased Penn’s propriety PENN which normally ensures that the equipment stays for a very long time.

This spinning reel contains several features that make it stand out among other spinning reels in the market. First of all, it contains a bearing count of 6 which is essential in the engineering of the whole process. It also has a strong metal body which comes along with a rotor together with a side plate. A technical scheme done intentionally to increase the durability of the spinning reel. It also contains fiber drag washers (HT-100 carbon) which is essential in keeping it clean. Another outstanding feature of the Pen Battle 2 spinning reel is the anti-reverse bearing which is pretty much instant. It also boasts of having a bail wire which is pure heavy duty aluminum to cut short any incidences of rusting thus summing up a perfect rendition of the best spinning reel in the entire market.

Other additional features that make the Pen Battle 2 spinning reel to be the best spinning reel in the market, is the fact that it supports a very long rod and a very reasonable amount of weight and can be even used to do fishing beyond 12 feet. It supports both monofilament and braided specifications and also supports yellow tail boat fishing among other accolades to its already distinguished credentials. It also has an outstanding design embedded with a super line spool. These features definitely set it aside as the best spinning reel in the market and it is definitely worth the money.

How to do gardening in holidays


Most of annual holidays after a dry weather mostly December and all weather conditions for gardening are quite alright, and therefore one has to practice how to do gardening in holidays if has been raining a couple of days and all weed seeds germinates nicely. Some plants, mostly those are grown in pots is a period of baking spelling disaster.

The plan is to grow seedlings of both plants and flowers to plant them around the garden to give the landscape a good looking. Some of the plants to plant include kales and pansies because they tolerate cold and is advisable to plant them in late winter or autumn. During annual holidays it is important concentrate to plant many flowers in order to give nice coloring during summer and tree surgeon Sheffield can help you on that matter.

The first thing to do is to clear the ground accessed to plant and dig at least 8-12 inches layer mixing with the compost soil and all inorganic matter. All the old manure, decayed leaves and dry clipping should be mixed thoroughly to improve soil. The advantage of digging is to loosen soil so roots can penetrated easily. After that preparation, uniformly dig holes for the transplant and prepare for the transplant. A certain sequence and arrangement of how to plant them is set and used to dig holes for the transplant.

Having completely planned and had pore over months with the seeds, seedlings and transplants ready, choose the holes to plant sunflowers, pansies, phlox, cosmos, kales, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers. The transplants are put on ground on holes they fit. Some plants like sunflower and lettuce will grow seeds direct on ground. It should be noted that seedling should never dry up therefore its a duty to water them daily whether small or big. Watering should be done early in the morning or late afternoon ton enable the seedling absorb the required amount of water before the day is sunny and hot.

Mulching it has to be done to prevent weeds and water in, then the soil is covered with a couple of inches of mulch. Mulching can be done using all sorts of mulch available for example vegetables requires mulch that takes few months to decompose while a longer lasting mulch, such as bark chips are used for perennials. The practice of watering is very important and should be done when needed. Uprooting of unwanted weeds should be done on daily bases. If is very hot and sunny during the day, shade should be provided to the seedlings. This is one way of how to do gardening in holidays.

Tips to save money when travel in Vietnam

Many tour enthusiasts would really love to go from one place to another and wishing to go around the world. Their passion for travel and tourism is so strong and that they will do everything and grab any chance of going to the places they would like to reach. There is nothing wrong in dreaming about visiting different places, as long as you have enough money to spend for your travel. And for those who do not have much, they find a way just to follow the passion that their heart is shouting out loud.

For those who are planning to come and visit the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines, you have to think and plan well, which one would you like to go first because crossing from one country to another country in the Southeast Asia is easy. You just need to choose the type of transportation that’s affordable to your pocket like buses, trains or airplanes and you will reach several Southeast Asian countries in just a few days, depending on how long you would like to spend in each spotted country of interest.

Now, when you are in the country of Vietnam, you do not need to worry much about your budget. Every tourist always thinks about how to spend their money. For a luxurious trip, pretty sure that money is not a worry, it may be an unlimited budget prepared for the tour. But, if you are not into a luxurious trip, it does not mean that you do not have money to spend. For some tourist, they just want to spend the money in the right way and they want to make sure that the money spent will not be wasted.

When you are in Vietnam tour, you do not need to hire a taxi all the time just for you to move around. If you know how to ride a bicycle, then it is a good choice. You may have a chance of meeting people from the villages and you will have more chances of exploring the place. this way you can go to the largest cities such as Ho Chi Minh City tours, Hanoi tours,Danang… with minimum costs.

If you are in the shopping area, do not grab right away the prices of the items on sale. You may ask for discounts. If you are charming enough, you will surely get a lower and affordable price.

When it comes to foods, you do not always need to eat at expensive restaurants. There are so many foods along the market that is cheaper and also delicious just like in big restaurants. Especially during the night, there are lots of foods to choose from along the busy streets. (more…)

Encourage Camping with a Boy Tent


Every boy dreams of a time when he can pack up his own gear and head out for a night of camping, even if it is in the backyard. Preparing for the trip is half the fun as he looks around for things he might need for his big adventure he may realize that he does not have a good tent that will keep him warm and dry during the night. Every boy tent is designed to provide rugged comfort for any boy if they are in the Colorado Mountains or if they are in their own back yard. Camping gear can be fun and enjoyable. You can put your son in family camping tents with his parents but he wants to be out on his own doing his own thing.

According to this top family tent review, a boy tent can be found in boy colors that will appeal to him as an individual. The boy tent makes a great birthday gift for any age and encourages independence, imagination and courage. Any other camping supplies such as heaters for camping tents would be nice as well. If your son is old enough to cook you may want to surprise him with some cooking supplies to fix a great meal while on his adventure. Coleman dome tents may be a good tent to consider when you have more than one boy who will be camping. What makes a good boy tent is not the color or the style it is the fact that they are happy with what you got them. Coleman camping tents are a great tent that will last through all of your son’s adventures. The tents may not get put up as soon as they are done or the camping adventure may last for a few days so you want the tent to be able to withstand all of these terms.

Now is a great time to teach the boys about camping safety and proper procedures to get them out of every situation. Most of these techniques are learned through experience but you may still go over the most basic of them all. When you do go over them you can be sure that he is ready to go camping on his own.

When camping with friends he must realize that safety is very important even with friends. Supplies that he will need when camping include a first aid kit, flashlight and extra batteries, gloves, extra change of clothes, knife, compass, and a Swiss Army Knife with all the gadgets. 10 person tents can be purchased at any camping equipment store as well as all camping supplies that will be used. As he grows up he will appreciate the way you have provided this very important stage in his lifetime. Growing up learning about nature by camping out in it is the best class a child can take. A boy tent is the perfect way to let your child know that you are encouraging them as they go forward in life. Camping may be their way of learning to deal with life.